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Overcome Emotional Challenges

depression, anxiety, nightmares, and PTSD

Help with Physical Conditions

 headaches, asthma, pain, and sleep disorders

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Moving in the Light:

Current Chaos, Stress, and Challenges

3-Part Series: January 17, 24, 31, 2022

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What Clients Say

“Working with Pamela is the best investment I have ever made in myself. Her experience with many different modalities provided a framework where I feel safe to explore and release anything from the past that hinders my progress.“
Book Author
“You are a miracle worker. You have helped me tremendously with just two sessions. The first session cleared my anxiety, and the second removed 60% of my depression. I can’t thank you enough.“​
“Working with Pamela in these sessions has facilitated a healthier me and has provided me with strategic steps for living a fulfilling and optimistic life. My emotions are more stabilized and I feel more peaceful. Thank you, Pamela. I am eternally grateful for the beautiful work you do!”

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