What is Energy Healing?

Human beings are made up of energy, as are all things. We have a physical body, made of denser energy, and a non-physical part of our being, made of less dense energy. A balance and flow of energy is key to good health. When out of balance, there is a negative effect on the physical body, mind, and spirit. At times there is something on an energetic level that needs to be released. This could be inherited, or from our current life, or from our soul history. Sometimes there is a depletion of energy, which makes life harder, and adds stress.

Adjusting and repairing these energies is sometimes called Energy Medicine, Mind, Body, Spirit Healing, and if related to mood and thoughts it is called Energy Psychology. Physical changes often happen after the adjustments and repairs of the energy system happens. Pamela has a great depth of energy healing skills, using an array of energy healing modalities to help her clients with these problems.

What is Spiritual Surgery?

Pamela works with Beings of Light. Some call them angels and archangels, Ascended Masters like Jesus or Buddha, spirit guides, and spiritual surgeons. These evolved beings help remove what is harmful, and restore and regenerate, depending on the client’s need and intention. Clients often feel the changes in their systems during this work. Pamela works as a facilitator in this process. Like other modalities in her work, both Pamela and her clients are sitting in their individual chairs during spiritual surgery. There is no hands-on connection, the client is awake and aware during this process.