Fall Cleaning:

Clearing and Cleansing Old Patterns and Programs

Mondays 7:00pm CST - Sept. 25, Oct. 2, Oct. 9, 2023

Have you ever felt stuck or frustrated… wanting to move through life with more happiness, courage, and success?

Do you feel blocked before you even try?

The problem may be old programs and restrictions that keep you limited.

Our work in this series will help you clear blockages and old patterns, allowing you to make positive progress.

This series will be available online or by phone. If you miss a week, I will forward the replay to you.

As before, I set the privacy settings to allow confidentiality.

Pay what this series is worth to you, pay what you can, and if you don’t have funds, you are still welcome to attend.
Everyone is welcome.

Note: Clients have the opportunity to benefit from a broader range of Pamela’s healing skills in private individual sessions

Who Would Benefit
from Pamela's
Teleconference Series?

Clients benefit if they:

How Does Pamela's
Teleconference Healing