Clearing Anger
Freedom from the Past​

Has someone else’s anger affected you as a child or adult?

Has your anger caused illness and depletion in your body?

If you answer yes to these experiences, please join me for this MOVING IN THE LIGHT teleconference series. It is available online or by phone. If you miss a week, I will forward the replay to you. As before, I have set the privacy settings for the teleconference to allow total confidentiality. No one can see you, hear you, or view any chat you send to me.

Have you stuffed your anger, now or in the past?

Has your anger come out in appropriately, causing harm to relationships?

If you are new to this work, or haven’t worked with me for some time, please jump on the call at 6:45 pm. I will explain the process, as my work has changed. This will allow us to begin the energy clearing right at 7 pm.

Some scholarship funds are available if needed. Contact me directly about this.


7:00 PM, CST

Cost: $90 for 3-part series

Note: Clients have the opportunity to benefit from a broader range of Pamela’s healing skills in private individual sessions

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Who Would Benefit
from Pamela’s
Teleconference Series?

Clients benefit if they:

  • Live at a distance
  • Have cost concerns
  • Want to supplement their individual healing
  • Find the healing topic important to them

How Does Pamela’s
Teleconference Healing

  • Healings consist of 3 1-hour sessions
  • Often focuses on themes such as anxiety, depression, relationsips, forgiveness, etc.
  • Pamela uses several select skills during each teleconference

Payment & Fees

Private Healing Sessions. . . . . $120/hr.
Group Teleconference Calls. . . .$90/ 3-part series

Payment is made at each session, unless otherwise agreed upon.
Cash, check, or credit card accepted.
Some scholarship available.

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