Private Healing Sessions

Who Would Benefit from Working with Pamela?

Many people are intuitively drawn to Pamela’s work. Some are referred by other clients and clinicians. Others come because they did not achieve the results they’d expected through conventional medicine and there is a sense that something is still missing. Clients often continue to see their medical doctor while working with Pamela.

Pamela helps with a variety of concerns: depression, anxiety, phobias, trauma recovery, narcolepsy, nightmares and other sleep disorders, autism and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorders, fears, relationship problems, reoccurring troubles from the past, and more.

Pamela also helps clients with physical issues: hypertension, diabetes, aches and pains, digestive or urinary problems, cancer, asthma, headaches, fatigue, low energy, and more.

What is an Individual Session with Pamela Like?

Individual sessions are adjustable, typically last 1.5-2 hours. While clients are with Pamela, they sit in a comfortable chair, as does she. Sessions begin with an intention for healing, which influences which healing modality would be most beneficial to start with. Pamela collaborates with her client throughout the session to ensure they are comfortable with each step of the healing process. Pamela shares tools and strategies to help facilitate self-healing between sessions and long after their work with her is complete.

Pamela sees clients in her Holmen, WI office, as well as online and by phone. By appointment only.

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Payment & Fees

Private Healing Sessions. . . . . $135/hr.
Group Webinar Series. . . .Pay what this 3-part series is worth to you. Pay what you are able. If you don’t have funds, you are still invited to join me. Everyone is welcome.

Payment is made at each session, unless otherwise agreed upon.
Cash, check, or credit card accepted.
Some scholarship available.